Relocating Your Data Center Requires The Help Of Trained Movers And IT Professionals

Posted on: 21 February 2018

Relocating your data center is a complex operation that has the potential for disaster if not done properly. You're not only dealing with expensive and sensitive equipment, you also have to consider how you'll keep your data online or at least minimize the downtime. It's critical to work with an experienced data relocation firm to ensure the move is smooth whether you're moving to a new building in town or to an entirely new state. Here are some key points to consider.

The Moving Environment

Everything about the move has to be planned down to the smallest detail. How to handle the equipment and transport it to the truck without damaging it should be planned in advance to avoid unnecessary jostling and trying to move through tight spots. The truck itself should be suitable for transporting sensitive electronics. The relocation team may use climate-controlled trucks to keep the equipment from being too hot or too cold. Loading and unloading should be done by experienced movers trained to handle fragile data center equipment in order to minimize the risk of damage.

The Detailed Documentation

Planning the move starts long before moving day. First, documents are created that include an inventory of all the equipment to be moved. A map is also devised that shows the current position of all equipment and how individual pieces connect to each other and the cables and accessories needed. This allows the moving company to replicate the exact setup in the new location. Equipment may be tagged with RFID labels so equipment can be tracked before and after the move. GPS can be used to track the equipment during the move so you know exactly where everything is and that the move is going according to plan.

The Deconstruction And Setup

While you'll want your own IT employees to be a critical part of the move, the data relocation service will also supply a crew of IT professionals to deconstruct your current equipment and set it back up in the new location. This entails knowledge of data center configuration as well as connecting the equipment to power, setting up networks, reconfiguring equipment to a new IP, and troubleshooting equipment that doesn't come online.

Moving a data center requires special skills and knowledge that typical movers don't have. For the best chance of a trouble-free move, bring in data relocation experts early in the planning process to form a team along with your IT department. Together, they can create a detailed plan for moving day that minimizes unexpected problems and has solutions ready for any difficulties that arise. Contact a company, like Rack Lift, for more help.